Are you founding a new company and there is a lack of financial resources in some corners? Or have you been running a company for a long time and it is time to invest in new projects? A corporate loan or loan may be just the thing for you!

Corporate loans and corporate loans include all loans paid to self-employed companies. Regardless of whether for the financing of machines, motor vehicles, goods or your own business and operating equipment – companies can take out company loans and credits for this.


The difference between corporate “loans” and “credit”

The difference between corporate "loans" and "credit"

The terms “company loan” and “company loan” essentially differ in the term of the contracts and the amount of the loan, ie the loan amount.

While money bonds with short terms and small amounts of financing are called “loans”, the term “loan” has become established as a convention for long terms and large amounts.

A credit is generally understood to be the transfer of funds such as banknotes, book money or other reasonable items by a lender to the borrower for a limited period of time. The framework conditions for the loan are laid down in the loan agreement, which regulates, among other things, the repayment, interest, term, term of termination and the requirements for the granting of credit.

As a basic form of long-term debt financing, the loan also represents a contractual agreement in which a lender temporarily gives money or other reasonable items to a borrower for use. The conditions for a repayment are laid down in the loan contract, which are usually designed to be longer than for a loan.

The loan is therefore considered a special case of the generic term “credit”.


Who are corporate loans and credit suitable for?

Who are corporate loans and loans suitable for?

Company loans and company loans are suitable both for companies that want to finance their company start-up and for long-term companies that want to use this form of financing for ongoing financing of their business or large investment projects (buildings, machines, plants or real estate). In both cases, the creditworthiness of the applicant company must be determined, which, together with all available collateral, decisively determines the framework conditions of the loan or loan contract.

Young companies, for which the continued existence of the company is still uncertain, also provide the lender with their own business plans, while long-term companies provide insight into annual financial statements and income and corporate tax returns.


Conclusion on corporate loans & corporate credit

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A wide range of modalities are available for companies in the market for corporate finance, depending on their different investment projects. Short-term, manageable financing projects can be solved with a credit line or a working capital loan, while longer-term and larger projects are financed with an investment loan or real estate loan.

For companies that want to assess their possibilities of debt financing more closely by corporate credit and corporate loans, the use of appropriated by experts as the Lite Lender that ensure specialized comparing tenders.